a c t o r


It all started when I took a few semesters of acting classes in college. I did well in the classes so I decided to pursue acting as well as music. Since then, I have done both background acting and principle acting for MTV, HBO, Atlantic Records, MyTeeVee, Short Pajamas, Harris Satellite Communications, Veteran Television, and more... Now, I enjoy being on set, being a part of productions, and learning more about acting with every new experience. I look forward to growing as an actor and seeing where this takes me.

This is a reel of the scenes I was in for Season 1 of "A Grunt's Life" with Veteran Television. I played Sgt. Velasquez, one of the platoon's squad leaders. "A Grunt's Life" is an 11 episode season following a small platoon of infantry Marines while they are stationed in Afghanistan.

"Girls: Season 38". A spoof of the popular HBO show, GIRLS. I am a background actor along with my dog throughout the episode. 

Short film "Gloriana" by Short Pajamas Productions. I play a military police officer.